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Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
suggestions of the mta and i would like to ask fred rousseau from the budget analyst office and katie who did an incredible job on this now to present. thank you. >> chair farrell and supervisor mar fred rousseau from the budget analyst office. i will provide an overview of the report and katie who is staff on the project and then i can respond to questions or provide more details. could we get the laptop here? great. thank you. quickly the scope of the analysis. we were asked by our office and you supervisor mar how sfmta bicycle strategy strategic plan could be funded and implemented. how much of the current capital and operating budgets are now allocated to bicycle mode projects? how projects and funding is prioritized by sfmta by mode -- in other words how bicycle projects are decided on? we're asked to look how sfmta delivers its projects and if there is room in improvement and project delivery, and we were asked to compare san francisco investment in bicycle infrastructure and projects with other cities in the u.s.. to start with we looked at the strategic plan and the large g
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
, and work towards implementation. that's the overvie katie and i are happy to respond to questions. >> i have no questions and i know we have from the mta tim and the staff that that is here and i don't know if they were prepared to respond to a number of different issues that mr. rousseau and katie raised in the report but i would like to invite you up if you would like to make any remarks and we have a number public comment speakers as well. >> good morning. i am with the mta. i wanted to clarify a few statements that were made. i think that the way they're written is a little misleading, specifically the number of staff that is dedicated to bicycle projects and 37 people part of the traffic calming bicycle pedestrian, pedestrian safety, and school guard crossing program. the $7 million of the bike projects that some of the staff work on. it's not all 37. i wanted to clarify. i ask for that to be clarified. in addition we are worked on all of the funding recommendations that we put together with the strategic plan scenario were fed into the mayor's transportation task force proc
Dec 3, 2013 3:30am PST
goes to deputy, sitting attorney, mahony and just katie porter as well. >> great. >> and as well, as, you know, the department representatives in particular, and department chief, tony olka and the director hiks, and i will put a great deal of effort into this too and so many thanks to them as well. >> oh,, thank you. >> is there any questions from other commissioners? >> commissioner loftus, you are first. >> thank you, president mazzucco. >> this is just a tremendous body of work and i being here with the commissioner i am so grateful that there is a framework that we are actually required to do, given the number of lawyers that we have on the commission and we like to follow the rules and we hold the other people to follow the rules and we should know what the rules are that we are accountable. thank you for that and it will be help follow for me to know what reports we took off. in large part because, one of the things having been in government, but now being outside in government and outside of government in the non-profit is that the one piece that you guys probably already fou
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
want to congratulate katie for our leadership in working with our staffs and the industries and creating partnerships and the world of merchandising and all the different companies and working with me to promote those products. i came back from china you, you know, those bags are really wonderful in china will where did you make those not in china that were i get to introduce a huge market to locally manufactured products and when i see a label whether it's on books and wine or other things of manufacturing sincere makes and mattresses. sf made has worldwide attention and that's our constitute you are so take advantage of this. i was going to get out of the way early i went to the game when we beat the lakers and we did that now 3 times in the last month and b.a. give this and same thing high and i look forward to working with you will have you when they come and innovate with us on the basketball court. i'm excited about all the companies i see here. i know that sf label means a lot when what is your u your looking at chocolates and wines or heat ceramics or mattresses a on
Dec 1, 2013 4:30pm PST
name is katie ladel and i am the president of the south beach neighborhood association and i have lived in the neighborhood for many years and first of all before i get into my main message, miss bryson's presentation and i do notice that on the stake holder list that the neighborhood is not there and i find that unforgivible, i think that we are number one as far as stake holders go. the main reason that i am here today and i am not going to look at my notes is to tell you that we need now, we need help today and i am not here with the warriors or anything in the future, i am just telling you that right now, where i live at main and harrison, i can look out at the streets almost every single afternoon and evening and see the idling cars on harrison, main and beal and bryant waiting to get on to the bay bridge, i can tell you as i am looking out the window and if i look at my sil there is a black dust as there is throughout my condo because we already know that our neighborhood is the most polluted in the city. i would like to ask for help from the dph to look at that pollution and to u
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)